This website was created by Visionarea
in collaboration with Img Internet, a digital consulting company in Milan

This website, built according to the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 model is:


The information and components of the navigation interface are presented to users so that they can be clearly perceived


The graphic interface and navigation paths are easy and immediate to use, even on smartphones and tablets


The information is concise and clear, the text is properly formatted, the images and videos contextualize the contents, the management of the user interface is immediate


The content is interpreted reliably, through a wide range of user programs, including assistive technologies.

Technical requirements

Browser: all browsers that comply with the W3C standard; we suggest active Javascript.

The CMS Kalì

This site is created with the CMS Kalì of Img Internet, an evolutionary platform currently used by over 450 domains. The latest generation of Corporate CMS, Kalì constantly incorporates the evolution of digital technology, with a process of progressive improvement.

Thanks to this continuous updating, Img Internet customers can constantly access the new languages ​​and formats that the web sees being born every day.

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